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Listen to police guaranteed submarine point that Thailand must

“Big Fort”, enumerates the “submarine” puzzling clues was criticized throughout the naval order purchase from China emphasized value. Pointer to the time that Thailand is required, and society should understand….


Jul. 4 59 Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, discussed the work plan, the Navy proposed submarine procurement that did not have any pressure to choose the Navy submarine procurement of China, according to aclaim in which the voters then vote is unanimous, and the procurement of submarines, it has long been considered and had to clarify which continuously considering purchasing weaponry then. Considered in terms of technology, price and suitability.


Ready said the confirmed. The Chinese submarine is a new, modern ships. Efficient, long life, reasonable price, which is purchasing three A320s, but compared to European ships and buy only one aircraft. Part, the country bought from China, because the new technology is also a flop as Thailand mice.


This is a story not yet imported, cabinet (khrom.) now, but will offer a modern budget year 2560 certainly. Point public story, don’t panic because it is still just a plan and a budget surprise about any time currents has been criticized by citizens throughout the belief it’s time to understand the need to have submarines……….
Purchase, for sure. ‘ Submarine ‘ 1.2 thousand vo. ‘ Big ‘ point Fort Worth Myanmar’sThailand are also waiting for?
“Order” Reaffirms its purchase, for sure. “The submarine”. Each trunk 1.2 thousand vo. Modern, cost-effective, believe the flop there neighbors all pointer ngop calories raised Myanmar’s have up to ten aircraft.
Jul. 1 59 Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan Deputy Prime Minister and defence discussed thesubmarine procurement plan from China of three trunk trunk value 1.2 billion each,with the sound of heavy criticisms that such procurement plans in the price is not very high, because it can repay a year‘s worth of modern technology and long-lasting.
Listen to  police  guaranteed  submarine  point that Thailand must

Listen to police guaranteed submarine point that Thailand must


The subject of marine geography not suitable because coastal Thailand has low depth, it wanted the resources view. Thailand‘s Andaman coast, there is a lot of natural.While neighboring countries all have submarines, in particular Myanmar’s have up to ten aircraft.


Both these The media need to help each other build confidence with society. Let’s not criticize distortion, because such matters are currently pending any agreement has not yet been made, which takes longer, which is the plan for the Navy since the year 2551 (2008)-52 and ordered suspension of the story beforehand in order to studythe details clearly. Preliminary Lam expects the first 2560 purchasing take non ngop and best value.

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