7 words that children would love to hear from parents


Homwa? One thing that I would like to have children from father-mother, most probably, not money or valuables, but love the attention parents more than this is 7 words .., my children would love to hear from parents, not that he would be in a bad situation or a EPL. The only thing he need is encouragement from parents exerted in.

7 words that children would love to hear from parents

7 words that children would love to hear from parents


1.believe in meI believe that ball!


Encouragement from family, from parents is the most important thing anyone wanted to hear children. Although it is small or big, it as to whether the activity. The exam work. Speech, or to get attention and support from the family pushes him to do something so good. Therefore, parents must take care. Support in what he loves andwants to do. Do not hurry to decide whether this is something that is not good, it should not. Good frame, his too


2. I tried, and that‘s important.


When children feel sad or frustrated by what would come. Parents must speak encouragement or embrace him to let him know that “Alright” at. When Singh. It disappointed. This time it is not. Next time try a new This will be the heroines of their children as well, and he was the first person to think of the father and the mother and father-mother, it should not say proving he feels worse than the original. It may makehim feel worse than ever.


3. wantedhelp?


When children do not succeed, or the jam? Parents should also act as a friend to help, or help them decide. Make him feel that he can rely on, or ask for help. Comanche fear that without


4. tell me somet


When children have a problemit should be a consultant listening to problems and help him edit. Don’t but that he why this is so. Why not do thisit should be listening. Describe the cause and effect, he had to understand and make him think that heshould be required to fix this problem? The recommended way to him instead of the ferocious hit.


5. Why do layout abacus that?


When a problem occurs, a solution is not a father-mother, to find a way out, let alone. Should he speak in mind. Explain what’s going on, listened to parents gradually help him figure out a way out.


6. it is a very good question.


When children have trouble or doubt in what time he asked parents should not flopwords or trivial, but should explain why, listen to him instead. Make him a brave idea show.


7.love child


The last thing and the most important thing anyone wanted to hear children. It is not necessary to only this time the Festival then. We can love each other every day. Tell him before going to school. Send cute stickers, or just inline hug their kids happy, most of it ^^.

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